Here are some of the materials we use within our ministries that we recommend for children and parents alike.

CEF Kitsap County's Good News Clubs are an after-school outreach program that brings the Gospel message to public school children. These clubs are held weekly and include Bible lessons, songs, games, and snacks. The program has been well received by both students and school administrators, with many schools requesting to have a Good News Club on their campus. Through this program, CEF Kitsap County is able to reach children who may not have access to a church or Christian community.

Good News Clubs provide a safe and fun environment for children to learn about God's love and plan for their lives. The lessons are age-appropriate and engaging, and the volunteers who lead the clubs are trained and screened to ensure the safety of the children. The clubs also provide opportunities for children to build relationships with positive role models and make new friends.

CEF Kitsap County's Good News Clubs have had a positive impact on the community by providing a resource for families who want their children to learn about Christianity but may not have the means to attend a church. The program is free and open to all children, regardless of their background or beliefs. By bringing the Gospel message to public schools, CEF Kitsap County is able to reach children where they are and make a difference in their lives.

The Wordless Book


By simply using colors and imagery, we can teach the gospel message of Christ to children in a way that is easy for all to understand! This video is an example of how we would present the gospel story at Good News Club@, 5-Day Club@, the fair, or one of our additional ministries!


The U-Nite Channel on YouTube allows easy access to fun videos for your children to learn more about the Bible. Find additional fun and stories from the Bible through U-Nite Radio.
For more videos about our ministry, CEF also has a youtube channel!