5-Day Club®


What is a 5-Day Club?

Our 5-Day Clubs are held in the summer months and taught by our trained Christian Youth in Action teens. These teens provide the children with an action packed time full of songs, high energy games, an exciting Bible lesson, and an unforgettable missionary story. They last about 90 minutes each day for 5 days in a row.

Who are Christian Youth in Action teens?

These teens are missionaries in training that have be taught how to lead clubs, teach the Bible lessons, songs, memory verses and missionary stories. Our teens are always supervised by an adult.

What is required to host a club?

The host is responsible for providing a safe location, usually a back yard, community center, or church. We also ask hosts to provide the children a snack and water.

Because we take child safety seriously, all our hosts must complete our background screening: Click here to Volunteer as a Host

How much does it cost?

CEF of Kitsap provides our 5-Day Clubs free of charge. Donations are gladly accepted, but not required.

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