Church Partnership

At Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) of Kitsap, we cherish the spirit of concerted effort and the remarkable outcomes achieved through collective endeavor. Our Church Partnership Program stands as a testament to this philosophy, uniting CEF Kitsap with local churches to kindle the fire of faith in the hearts of children. By merging our energies, we can profoundly influence young lives and plant the seeds of the Gospel more effectively through programs like the Five-Day Clubs and Good News Clubs.

Through this program, your church can become a pivotal environment for these vibrant ministries. Five-Day Clubs are exciting, fun-filled occasions hosted during the summer that blend Bible lessons, creative learning activities, and engaging songs, all tailored to convey Christ's message of love and salvation to eager young minds. Along with the weekly gatherings of the Good News Clubs during the school year, we provide a continual stream of support and spiritual nourishment that children can rely on.


Our cooperation with churches doesn't stop at providing programs; it’s a comprehensive approach that encompasses equipping, training, and supporting church volunteers who are on the ground making a difference every day. By becoming a CEF Kitsap church partner, you are not only investing in the lives of children through Five-Day Clubs and Good News Clubs, but you're also uplifting your own congregation as they live out the Great Commission to “go and make disciples.”


We celebrate the dedication of churches that have already joined us on this mission, witnessing the transformative impact of collective ministry. As CEF Kitsap, we stand ready to support you in introducing both the Five-Day Clubs and Good News Clubs to your community. Get in touch with us to explore how we can unite our strengths for an everlasting impact on young souls. Let’s partner to nurture the faith of the next generation—together.